Classes are for boys and girls aged 3 and up. We cater for all abilities, with the opportunity to enjoy the classes as a hobby, for fitness and for meeting new friends. Each dancer is treated as an individual, we do not pressure anyone into competing, but those who wish to can progress towards competitions and championships.

We offer trials for complete beginner dancers in the Beginner Academy and the Tiny Dancer Academy.

You should wear shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms on your legs and a t-shirt, jumper or hoody up top. Please avoid wearing long dresses, skirts or jeans. Footwear can be trainers, or any form of soft flexible soled shoe.

You should also bring a bottle of water and any relevant medical information.

Our school holds an annual Christmas show, which all dancers are invited to take part in.

Classes are held at the following locations. Please check the calendar for class schedules.

Simon Says Dance Studio

32 Inglis Green Road, Edinburgh, EH14 2ER

Juniper Academy

Juniper Green Village Hall, 1A Juniper Park Rd, Juniper Green, Edinburgh, EH14 5DX